One of the things that has been on my mind lately is small businesses here in Kentucky. The last couple of years has been hard on us all but especially small businesses. The world shut down for a period of time and these small business owners were left with decisions on how to best navigate the challenges of earning with limited customers. They are still feeling the snowball effects of essentially shutting down an economy. There are a lot of businesses that simply didn't make it but some made it through. Small businesses are the lifeblood of this country and one of the things that make it great. As an owner of two small businesses, I can say we're lucky to be still standing throughout these last 2 years.

In order to help small businesses out a little, I am starting a project called #backsmallbusiness. Each month from now through July, I will spotlight a small business in Central Kentucky and provide quality headshots at no cost to them. I will be taking nominations from people in the community and randomly choosing from those nominated. Read below on how you can participate in nominating a small business owner. Now on to this months Small Business Spotlight in Lexington, Cuts By Siobhon. 

First and foremost, Siobhon styles and cuts hair for kids, women and men. Her shop is located just off Clays Mill Rd in Lexington. A few years ago I stepped into a barber shop in Lexington to get a haircut. The place was new to me so I didn't know any of the employees there. This is when I met Sibohn for the first time. Let me tell you, if there is one thing you'll learn about Siobhon, she is an old soul and always has a smile on her face. On top of her personality, she can cut and fade some hair. After several years of working for someone else, she decided to take the leap and be her own boss. It's spirit like this that you can respect, someone taking a risk to follow a dream. With her contagious personality, smile and talent, there's no doubt she will continue to excel. Siobhon is originally from Danville, where most of her family still resides...and let me just say, she loves her family. We recently scheduled a portrait session in her shop and had a blast capturing some wonderful images. So if you need a haircut, schedule an appointment to see Siobhon! You will not be disappointed. Online appointments can be made at: Here are a few of the images we captured at the shoot. 


To nominate a small business owner in the area, please click the button below. One thing I request is that you ask the business owner you are nominating if they approve of being nominated. The last thing I want is someone being nominated who isn't interested. Once a business owner is chosen, I will reach out to schedule a session. Nominations for the month of June must be submitted by May 31st.