First, I'd like to welcome you to a little part of my world where I share my photographic journey. My goal isn't to add something else to my plate but to provide an outlet as well as share some experiences behind the lens of my camera. I will post as frequently as I can because like most adults, I have a full plate. Since I mentioned full plate, it reminded me of a quote I recently heard, "Don't complain that your plate is full when your goal was to eat". That quote made me think for a minute...

I'll start by sharing a little about the image at the top of this post. Let's just say I rarely get photos of myself. I spend so much time thinking of ways to be creative for other people that it doesn't leave much time for photos of myself. Rewind to mid 2020, you know, the year everyone would like to be a distant memory? I was setting up a new website and really needed a headshot of myself. So I pulled out the backdrop, lights and started to experiment with a so called "self portrait". If you aren't aware, studio lighting takes a little time to setup and get everything just right to produce the look you want. I was just going with the standard business headshot, well, business casual in this case. After I get it all setup and looking how I wanted, I try different angles, shirts, serious looks, smiling looks...then it hits me. I have a perfectly capable wife who can click the shutter button. She proceeds to come into the studio and take some shots. Of course, our dogs tag along to see what's going on. Our Golden Doodle (1 of 3) decides she wants to be in the picture so she stands up on my lap as I'm seated on the stool. So what do you do when momma Doodle wants a photo? You take a photo. Never a dull moment in my life, especially with these crazy dogs. 

This story leads me to a little educational point on taking photographs. Now this is a photo of me, but my wife took the photo. Even though she took a photo of me and used my camera, lights, backdrop, stands, tripod and all the other gear used to produce this image, it is her photo. Many people don't know that as soon as you press that shutter button, the image is yours under US Copyright Law. Doesn't matter if it's an iPhone, Android or an expensive professional camera. You take it, you are the creator and owner of said photo. 

Why Me?

So on to the title of this post...Why Me? I started taking photos because I wanted quality pictures of my young sons playing sports, nothing more. I had no clue I'd be a working professional photographer years down the road. Something about it made me fall in love with making a picture. That is what us photographers do, we make pictures. Throughout my day, even if I don't have a camera in my hand, I visualize the world as if I had a camera in my hand. Sometimes it's maddening but that is how my mind has developed since my passion for photography took off. I'm getting off on a bit of a tangent here but stick with me. 

There are literally hundreds of photographers around any small town across the US. So many of them are wonderfully talented and have their own style, we all do. Just as you like a certain model of car or truck, some photographers work is more visually pleasing to your eye. While there are a ton of talented photographers out there, more goes into it than just a portfolio. 

If there is one thing I'm good at, it's talking to people. My dad was the same way as he never knew a stranger. Even though he is gone from this earth, I see more and more of this quality from him in myself. I always like to have fun and cut up. Life is too short for being a "serious" photographer because photos are supposed to be fun and should be just as much about the process as the end result. One thing I can tell you is that I strive to deliver on that promise of fun and light sessions with my clients, all while delivering the images they are looking for. I work hard educating myself on posing, lighting techniques, new and modern looks, classic looks and so much more. If I'm not taking pictures, I am thinking about taking pictures or how I can improve. JT is JT's biggest critic and I am always learning. Whether it be from my client sessions, my camera, my lighting, my posing or whatever else goes into a shoot...I take something new away from it all. 

For me it's about growth and being creative, not only for myself but for my clients. I want to create images with drama, impact and that wow factor. I want my clients to look at photos years down the road and feel emotion from an image I took. One thing I always say is that photographs are windows into your past, a snapshot in time that is forever frozen. You will never be in the same moment, same position, same location; everything about the picture has already transpired. Tell me anyone who doesn't get a smile or feel an emotion looking through photos from 20, 30, 40 years ago? Heck, I see photos from 3 years ago and am like wow, where has time gone. 

To sum up what I'm getting at, you have many photographers to choose from. Do I hope you think of me when needing a photographer? Of course I would! My goal for any client or potential client is for them to choose who they feel will produce the product they are looking for. If it's me, great...if not then that is fine too. Know that if chosen, I will work hard to produce visually stunning imagery. Below are a few more images from my "headshot" session...basically the succession of photos my wifey snapped when Dixie joined in. 

Take care of yourself and I hope you come back for more content!